My Workout Essentials + Tips to Stay Motivated

Align Tank // Wunder Train Tight // Oversized Crew // APL shoes

I love having a solid workout routine because it helps boost my mood and makes me feel energized, but sometimes its hard to stay on track! Having the right gear to workout in makes all the difference, and if its cute – then that’s even better! Am I right?! I am coming up on my 6 year anniversary working at lululemon and it’s safe to say I love everything about the product. From the quality, the functionality, to the aesthetic. I receive a lot of questions about my favorite items, so today I’m sharing my must – have workout pieces and my favorite tips for staying motivated!

High Intensity Workout Essentials

My all time favorite leggings are the Wunder Train Tight . These leggings for perfect for any activity from spin to HIIT to even yoga if you want. These are my go to leggings because they are so versitile and they are lululemon’s quickest drying fabric. They hug you in and give the perfect amount of compression IMO. They have a cool sleek feeling on the inside and a soft brushed feeling on the outside. I love how they feel on my body and how they stay in place for all workouts / wearing them all day. These leggings are truly so good, I can’t recommend them enough! Fits true to size // I wear a size 4.

No matter what size bra you wear, its nice to have support during high intensity workouts. I always grab for my Free to Be Serene Bra when I know I’ll be doing cardio. I love the support this bra offers and the overall fit of this bra. It has good coverage in the front to keep you in place, but has a super fun strappy back to it. Fits true to size // I wear a size 6.

The Cool Racerback tank is a great tank top for all activities. I love it in the nulu fabric because its super soft and comfortable. It has a little bit of compression and feels weightless on your body. I wear this tank for multiple different things like high intensity work outs, to yoga, layering it under clothes in the cold months, and wearing it alone during the warm months for a everyday sporty style look. The Cool Racerback shorter length is also available. Same tank- just a little bit shorter. Love this one because its not a crop top, but it removes the extra fabric around the hip the first one offers. Runs true to size // I wear size 4.

Looking to workout in a crop top? The Wunder Train Long Line Bra is where its at! This bra is the same fabric as the Wunder Train Tight. I love the fit and higher neck to keep you in place. The racerback to it is comfortable and easy to move in! Fits true to size // I wear size 6.

The Back to Life Sport Bottle is an insulated water bottle with a leak proof lid and a slip free texture so its easy to hold no matter how sweaty you may be! I love the size of this one for workouts and can use it as an everyday water bottle.

The Double Roller is great for stretching and rolling out sore muscles. It’s a unique design with it being a 2 in 1 roller.

When it comes to shoes, I love my Adidas NMD’s. They are very lightweight and comfortable. It feels like you aren’t wearing sneakers when you have these on! I also love the sleek design and all the color options! I also love my APL’s– they are very comfortable and a great shoes for training.

Yoga + Lightweight workout Essentials

The Align Tank is truly one of my favorite items! This crop tank is so buttery soft and comfortable. I love the way it fits with the V neck front and scoop U back. It gives you a full range of motion which is great for yoga. I love to wear this tank for yoga and as an everyday tank. The Align Tank Gathered is the same tank but has a gathered front and provide a little more support if you are bustier. They fit a little on the smaller side, I still wear a size 6 but if you are between sizes I would size up. Also, if you are breastfeeding this tank is so easy to nurse in! Another reason why I love it!

The Align Pant is my fav pant for yoga and lounging. It has a naked sensation and feels weightless. It’s the same fabric as the tank and feels buttery soft on your skin. They are sooo comfy and you will never want to take them off! They are very stretchy and I recommend sizing down in them. I wear a size 2.

The Yoga Mat from lululemon is my all time favorite mat I have ever tried! There are multiple options on the thickness, but I prefer the 5mm. It’s the thickest mat offered and has great support for your joints when you are practicing. Its reversible and has a grippy top layer on both sides so you don’t slip. I love carrying it in The Yoga Mat Bag to and from practice.

Other yoga accessories I love are the No Limits Stretching Strap, the Lift and Lengthen Yoga Block, and The Small Towel. The strap and block are great props for stretching and the towel is the perfect size for wiping the sweat off your face. I love placing the towel flat at the top of my mat to be there for laying down positions. The towel is a type of microfiber and is super soft.

You can shop all of these products through my page! I make a small commission and I am always so grateful when you choose to shop through my links!

Tips for Staying Motivated

  1. Lay out your workout clothes the night before. This simple switch in your routine is a game changer! It takes out a step in the morning when you are just waking up and are still tired. If everything is laid out you are more likely to quickly change into it and not overthink it! The first step is always getting the workout clothes on so you will have step 1 accomplished!
  2. Figure out what type of workouts you enjoy and have fun with it! There are so many different workouts to choose from! From classes at a gym/ studio to workout videos online – there really is something for everyone! Due to the pandemic working out at home has become the norm for a lot of people and I know it can start to feel a little boring after awhile if you prefer taking classes with other people or don’t have a variety of equipment at home. I do not have a ton of equipment, I just have some basic weights, mini bands, ankle weights, and therabands. I recently downloaded the Peloton app to switch up my routine and it has been so fun to check out the classes they offer to keep my workouts fresh!
  3. Change your perspective. Try and change your perspective when it comes to working out! I try to have the mindset that I get to workout vs. I have to workout! By changing my mindset around it I find that I am grateful for an able body and it makes me want to take care of myself.
  4. Set weekly goals and schedule your workouts in your planner. Set weekly goals on how often you would like to workout. Try to make a realistic plan that feels good to you but challenges you. Carve out time in your schedule so you know you will have the time and can’t make excuses. Write it down in your planner or put it in your phone calendar so you see the reminder!
  5. Take your workout outside. Spring is here and it feels so good to get fresh air! Sometimes when I’m feeling unmotivated to get a workout in I’ll take my workout outside! A long walk, a run, a bike ride, yoga or even a quick HIIT session. I find being in nature, getting fresh air, and feeling the sun on my skin helps me!
  6. Team up with a friend. If you and a friend both have goals to workout try to find time when you can sweat together or can take the same online class at home. Having an accountability partner makes it more fun and will push you to workout when you might not feel up to it!
  7. Know your why. Know why you are working out! Figure out your goals and remind yourself of why you started! Personally I want to be the best mom and wife I can be. I know when I work out I feel strong, grounded, and healthy. This makes me show up more powerfully for myself and for my husband and kids!
  8. Think about the how you will feel after you completed your workout. When I’m not feeling motivated I always remember I know I will feel so much better after I move my body! You will never regret a workout! Serotonin gets released after we workout, so remind yourself it’s proven you will feel better!!
  9. Find the time of day that works for you. Figure out what time of day works for your schedule and when you feel like you can give it 100%. Try to stick to this time to make it a habit. Some people love to workout right when they wake up while other people do better with a evening workout. Listen to your body!
  10. Dedication over motivation. Motivation comes and goes but dedication is sticking to your goals when you don’t feel like it! Be dedicated to your health! Don’t allow 1 bad week ruin your progress. If one week you are super busy or unmotivated and don’t workout- try to not let that ruin your progress! Being dedicated takes discipline so practice sticking to your word!

xx Natalie

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